An Addictive Playing Experience With The Hungry Shark Evolution

I was not too sure of how the Hungry Shark Evolution would fare when it comes to the player as a user looking for the right things at the right time. But having played it for some time now, I am more sure of the experience that it offers than when I started as a small shark trying to defend myself from being eaten up.

The latest mobile version is fast paced and also has plenty of options to choose from so that no player gets bored of the same monotonous rhythm of the game. After all, it is supposed to be a game where a Shark has to devour as much as possible to be able to maintain the HP and evolve into the fierce looking, and also powerful Sharks at each level unlocked. If you trouble to purchase them in the store you can go and try your luck for getting hungry shark world hack from online.

When playing any such game the first thing that matters is the graphic quality that helps in projecting the figures in their right proportion and also with the appropriate looks. There is also the experience and the feel of becoming more powerful in the game winning over better enemies. The structure of the game is anything but boring as there is always surprise and excitement everywhere.

I enjoyed the setting of the game that spans both the land and the sea and also the creatures that abide there. The blood curling screams of the humans as I devoured them on the beach and the blood spilling out to make the water red gives the realistic feel of life as the large and monstrous Shark. But certainly my life as the Great White Shark or even the Megalodon was not an easy one where only I was the reigning king.

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There is a challenge at every stage which I enjoyed most. The bigger I became as a Shark, more fierce and challenging my enemies became such that I had to understand their life and habits to form the best strategies that would help me in winning the battle in shorter time. There are the Giant Crabs and the Submarines that I had to attack carefully not to get annihilated myself.

In all, the gaming experience is awesome with some cool armors and attack tools to equip the Shark with before the launching the attack. But in-app purchases are anything but cheap, and I had to carefully stock my points and the gold and gems from the daily run of the game to be able to play economically. I have seen my friends spend even hundreds of dollars on impulse to meet more challenges.

Once I downloaded the game from Google Play, there was no way that I could transfer the game to any other platform. Even if I wanted to change my device with another OS, I had no choice as I would otherwise lose all my program details. This apart, I found the gaming experience addictive and also exciting such that I had to be told to leave my gadget aside to get along with other businesses.