Tips To Go On The Mobile Strike For The Best Results


If you are a regular of the gaming arena, you are sure to be familiar with the war games especially the Game of War that had the traditional mode of fighting with the swords bows and arrows among others. The same developers have gone modern and brought out the Mobile Strike that has the same hectic pulse albeit in a modern way. There are the modern tanks, choppers, ammo and of course the rightly dresses soldiers to carry out the ambush on all enemies in the path. The building of the base is the crucial starting point here that you begin by clicking on the build section on the screen.

Building your base

You can have the latest war essential buildings and installations in a matter of seconds and also upgrade them to the latest technology. When still at the base, you will notice the supply crate at the lower left screen corner that will move from time to time. You should tap it each time that you see it moving as there are free rewards to collect that you will need to play the game as you advance. Often there are timers attached to them indicating that you cannot open them until the time indicated has lapsed. To keep the supply crates coming you have to create the Epic War account, and you will be getting five hundred gold for this.

Getting through the daily missions


It is always good to complete the daily missions though they may slow down your progress of the game. It is always worth doing them as you can go back to the respective sections to collect the rewards in the form of resources and the Commander XP at the end of the tasks. The advantage of the Mobile Strike is that unlike other games it is never stingy with the resource building, and you can go on a building spree right at the onset. It is only advisable that you have a strong resource base so that you are totally equipped to face any enemy.

The Alliance advantage

Keep a track of your resource building by making them in even numbers so that nothing is missed out and your warehouse is full to the capacity. Having a host of resources will also help you in completing the missions that you engage in the game faster. Once you are secure at the base, start moving into an Alliance as it is dangerous to be on a mission alone. It is also helpful in speeding up constructions and healing of the troops without spending your cash when alone. It is an MMO game where alliance and sending reinforcement helps you in the long run.

The needed upgrades

You can also become the VIP at each level that helps you in speeding up the construction time. Get a boost in the food and the other supplies like oil, iron, and the coins. Each day as you log into the game you get a few VIP points, but you can also buy the membership using real money and get access to the limited offers. As you progress in the game, there will be in-game upgrade requests for your base that you should never ignore as it will strengthen your walls and increase your rations without which the enemy is likely to invade and stomp you into oblivion.


Want To be the king of Clash Royale?

If you are always into fantasizing about being the king and destroying your enemies, then look no more. clash royale guide is your right destination. To play the game of clash royale, you need to set your game plan correctly. The planning should be consistent enough to play the game. But once you have a detailed understanding of the game, you will find it impossible to keep your hands off this game. A word of wise to the player is that the game can get very addictive in playing continuously. It is a very popular game among the youngsters of this generation. So pull up your socks and get ready to be the king. To play the trick, you first need to understand the basic of the tips. Following are some of the procedures for getting familiar with the process.

In order to get the maximum number of gems, you first need to increase the level of your game. This is due to the fact being the game is used to rank players according to their level and arena. The game has about thirteen levels and including an area called the training camp, there are maximum nine areas to be played upon. The cards play a significant role in the game. Since it is due to the cards, players can increase or upgrade their levels and you can also use them for attacking and defending purposes. In order to start tricking, one must know the step by step procedures very nicely. There are some very simple steps to begin with.

The first step of how to play clash royale begins clicking the button on the site to see the Clash Royale Trucchi and then you have to simply enter your username. Then all you have to do is select the tricks in which you would like to apply in. Lastly, click on the start button and then you are ready to play the clash royale and get yourself hooked to the game. Yes, this is an absolutely safe program to use for gaming purposes. It protects your account as well as your identity from being spammed.

clash royale tips

The tool not only generates clash royal gems for you but also protects your account from being banned. In order to avoid the inevitable from happening, the developers have implemented some dozens of security systems in the game. The main factor of the tricking tool is that it is not at all easy for itself to be detected by any means while using the tricks when you are achieving gems.

Yes, the game is definitely worth your time. As your time is valuable, the developers keeping this in mind have created one of a kind game for you to invest your time in. It has a successful position in the market, hence you can pretty much figure out the status of the game. It is a card game, which is also apparently integrated with all the social aspects of the world. Hence, you can be sure to enjoy your time playing the trick.